What it Takes to Live Below Your Means

You want the hard truth? The absolute hard truth? Living below your means is NOT easy. You will have to make sacrifices … on many occasions. You will feel like giving up. You will take each purchase seriously … even

A Little Reminder …

Never forget to count your blessings, remember there are others who have much less than you, and give God the glory for what you do have. – Faithful with Finances If you’d like to see more inspire quotes like this,

Your Kids on a Budget: a Match Made in Heaven

Is it possible to teach our kids about how to honor God with money at a young age? Will they even grasp the concepts? Is it worth the effort? There are many ways to get your kids started on the

Your Challenge: Be Completely Opposite of the World

“Given a choice, most people would choose to be rich.  They dream about inheriting a million dollars,  even if none of their relatives have that much.  They spend money they often can’t afford  to lose on lottery tickets, hoping to

Giving to God First

Many times we hear the phrase “give to God first”, yet many of us don’t realize what that actually looks like in our lives. Giving to God first ultimately means putting Him in the “#1” position to everything you earn.

Making God A Part of Your Everyday Choices

We are posed with choices every single day. Should we chose this route over that route? Cream and sugar in our coffee, or black? Take the subway or drive? Chicken or fish for dinner? Little do we know, we make

Wanting More

Most of you have seen this type of commercial. The AT&T representative interviews kids and asks them simple, funny questions. What’s even funnier? Their answers! This one struck me in particular. The AT&T guy goes on to say, “Who thinks

Meet Tony and Carin

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/61652219]   Tony and Carin have spent most of their lives in the financial industry, and now they are reaching out and sharing their time-tested wisdom on the subject of giving and finances. Their ministry was inspired by those

Conquer Emotional Shopping!

I happen to have a little problem, and I’m sure many of you might share this with me…but from time to time…I give into emotional shopping! It doesn’t matter what happened to me that day, or what is going on

Are You Pretending?

Make no mistake about it: we live in an EXTREMELY materialistic world. We are surrounded by nice cars, big expensive houses, beautiful clothing, flat-screen HD tv’s, tempting advertisements, and pressure to become “filthy rich”. Most Christians would rather not talk

Talking About Money with Your Spouse

It can be such an uncomfortable topic can’t it? You want to work more at paying off your debt, buy something big, or simply stop spending so much. These things can be hard to talk to your spouse about, and

Inspired to Spend More Time with God

After talking to a few of my friends, and hearing the amazing growth the Lord is doing in their lives, I decided to take a challenge. This challenge is one I have been thinking about for awhile, and the reason

Have You Ever Heard the Song…

“Think Good Thoughts” by Colbie Caillat? The reason I ask is because I was cleaning my house the other day, and it came on Pandora. Realizing that this wasn’t just another pop song with repetitive lyrics, I listened up and

A Life Purposed for Good

Many of us have read, heard, and listened to sermons that include Romans 8:28, “28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to

Bring Easter Into Your Week

The joy that comes from this weekend is unforgettable. We remember the glory of our Lord’s sacrifice on the cross, and we can reflect on the amazing act of His resurrection. We have so much to be grateful for, and

Planning a Trip on a Budget

The spring has come and gone, and before we know it, summer will be here! Many of us have dreams of great vacations, and fun times with our families and friends, but we also know the hard truth: vacations are

What God Says About the Ant

You might be wondering to yourself, “What in the world is she going to write in this post.” And yes, that thought ran through my mind also, but I actually do have some important and meaningful things to say about