“Given a choice, most people would choose to be rich. 

They dream about inheriting a million dollars, 

even if none of their relatives have that much. 

They spend money they often can’t afford 

to lose on lottery tickets, hoping to win the big jackpot. 

They play slot machines and gamble at casino tables, 

sure they can double and triple their money. 

As Alexander Pope wrote, ‘Hope springs eternal.’ 

Even when people win or inherit money, they want more. 

No matter how much money a person has, it’s rarely enough. 

Millionaires confess they don’t feel rich enough, 

although you’d probably change places with one any time. 

Surprisingly, many lottery winners go bankrupt 

or encounter serious financial problems 

within five years of winning huge jackpots 

because they don’t know how to handle wealth, 

and then they need more. 

It’s a vicious cycle.”

Everything the Bible Says about Money 

As you reflect on the words written in this book, take a minute to examine the intentions in your own heart. 

Here at Faithful with Finances, we are big on doing the complete opposite of what the world tells us. 

The world is pretty convinced that you can “get rich quick” and “more money will solve all of your problems” – when we as Christians know this can’t be true.

God causes trials and tribulations to enter into our lives for a reason, and that includes money problems! 

When you find yourself entrapped in thoughts of wealth and wanting more, think specifically about why God has placed you in the situation you’re in. 

He has you here for a reason, and He doesn’t necessarily want you to escape your circumstances, but instead, to grow through them. 

Today, focus on being the “complete opposite” of the world. Don’t go after false sources of money and spending. Think about one way you can put this into practice…and go do it! 

– Faithful with Finances

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Your Challenge: Be Completely Opposite of the World
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