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When the weekend comes, many of us find ourselves in a spending frenzy…

We have dinner with friends, we have friends over for dinner, we see family, we drive to see a new place, we go on a date night, we have football parties …

Let’s face it, if there was ever a time to “blow the budget” it would be the weekend!

In a normal workweek, it can be easy to simply pack your lunch, come home & make dinner, and there’s really little time left in the day to do too much damage.

But when you have an ENTIRE day off … that’s when the spending begins!

Here are 5 sure ways to NOT blow your budget this weekend:

1. Remind Yourself of Your Categories

You once set up a budget … a long time ago … at the beginning of this month. Revisit the categories you might be spending in, and make sure to check yourself and see if you can even spend this weekend. Do you have money left in your “eating out” category? Can you afford to go shopping – even for something small? If not, find other fun things to do. Have a picnic, or play a new sport. Need inspiration? Visit our post on the 10 free things you can do today.

2. Look for Sales Ahead of Time

Planning a football party? They are pretty popular this time of the year! Plan your menu around the sales. If pork is 50% off in your weekly flyer – make pork carnitas, or something “partyish” that involves the item that is on sale. You will save MAJOR bucks doing this instead of creating a fancy menu with 1,000 ingredients.

3. Don’t Impulse Buy

Have you been wanting to go check out a new car this weekend? Take the time to make your purchase – DON’T feel pressured by the salespeople, DON’T make a decision right on the spot, and DON’T follow your impulses when you see something shiny and new. Go home, think about it, analyze it with your spouse or someone you can be accountable to, and then make your decision. It’s also a great idea to do the “30 day” rule where you wait 30 days to make a big purchase. Your mind can easily change in that time period.

4. Plan for the Week Ahead

Use the time you have at home this weekend to do some planning. Plan out your meals, your budget, and look over your expenses. Reminding yourself of the spending you will do in the coming week will be the ultimate “reality check” to help you stop spending this weekend.

5. Visit Somewhere Close

Depending on where you live, there are so many fun things to do in your area. With gas prices so high, it can be tough to take long trips over the weekend, only to come back Sunday night and fill up your tank again. Play “tourist” in your area and do some of the things that you normally wouldn’t do. Want to earn bonus points in the frugal category? Bike to your destination! You and your family will have lots of fun, and you will save money by not burning through gas.

Ultimately, we hope you enjoy your weekend and have lots of fun. We are here simply to give you great ideas to still have an amazing time without breaking the bank!

Have an idea to share? We love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

Erika from Faithful with Finances


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How to Not Blow Your Budget This Weekend
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