Come train with us and see the impact of being Faithful with Finances! Money management training developed with you specifically in mind! Courses are offered to fit your unique needs.

Innovative and captivating, Faithful with Finances will provide new skills and applications that can be used professionally and in your everyday life. Each course is broken up into seven sections that can be taken in a consecutive week or be broken down into larger windows of time. Its up to you!

Our training houses, biblical application, concepts broken down for all levels, creative hands-on experiences and activities, and real life situations presented to you from the perspective of “The Farmers” a family that brings lots of fun and energy to being faithful!

Faithful with Finances is offered for:

  • Money Management Training for Kids
  • Money Management Training for Teens
  • Money Management Training for Adults
  • Money Management Training for Families
  • Professional Development for Board Members and Administrators


Faithful with Finances for Children

The course will introduce children to the topic of Getting a Handle on Finances. Our buddy, Faithful Farmer, guides the course. As the farmer takes children through the major themes and breaks them down into concepts that are fun, interesting, and truly insightful, they will make the connection between biblical truths and realities about money and dealing with finances. By introducing your children to financial skills early, you enable them to grow into a healthy relationship with money and being a steward of Gods entrusted resources.

Faithful with Finances for Teens

The course focuses on real life situations for teens and pre-teens. Within the context of circumstances that they can relate to, young adults have the opportunity to learn about being Faithful with Finances. This course is a practical application of biblical truths and skills that can be practiced to form habits and a healthy concept of money management.

Faithful with Finances for Families

The course will help guide your family through the topic of Getting a Handle on Finances. This course is designed to help you open up the discussion about money and finances. Practical application, examples, activities, and individual modules designed for each age level; work together to make this course the perfect time to discuss biblical application, concepts that relate to themes, and real skills that will leave a lasting impression on the way that your family looks at resources.

Faithful with Finances for Adults

The course will integrate the Biblical connection and direction given on finances. More specifically Getting a Handle on Finances will touch on four core themes: 1) God owns everything, 2) God will provide, 3) the difference between serving and managing money, 4) and stewardship of Gods treasure. The 7 Cornerstones of Faithful with Finances are presented, to provide an overview of key concerns in personal financial management.

Faithful with Finances for Board Members and Administrators

The course will briefly touch on the themes of Faithful with Finances and the importance of Scripture and God when dealing with money management. Faithful with Finances: Getting a Handle on Finances is ultimately a practical application of finance through Scripture that provides basic financial tools for charitable giving and two free modules on: Non-Profit Financial and Fundraising Issues, and Fiscal Sponsorship Issues.