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Would you like to have a financial plan without the constant worries of what comes next?

Click below for the 7 tips that will get you there! 


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Here, Tony describes the importance of bringing Faithful with Finances to your church and why the Lord cares so much about this topic:


If you have an interest in bringing Faithful with Finances to your church,  please fill out the contact form below:

Tony and Carin have spent many years together in the financial industry and are now working to bring the concept of stewardship to the church through “Faithful with Finances” and “Faithful with Much”:


In Faithful with Much, authors Tony and Carin Amaradio share their compelling journey from simply seeking wealth to understanding God’s heart about money and possessions. Drawing from their vast experience in the financial services industry and wisdom born out of some difficult life lessons, Tony and Carin offer practical, biblical advice on how to think about the challenges of being faithful with our wealth. and, most important, how to give it away.
Faithful with Much is a book about how to be wise stewards of God’s money. It’s a handbook for charitable giving. And more than that, it’s a book about radical trust.
Are you ready to trust God with your wealth for the good of His kingdom?
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