If you’ve been intimidated to start a budget for the simple fact that you aren’t sure how to make one, have no fear, this free budget printable will make it extremely easy to get started!

Just download, print and fill in the details of your life and you will have a REAL working budget:

Budget Printable

The first step to budgeting is simply knowing what is going in, and what is coming out. As soon as you start recording your monthly expenses, you will identify “holes” and “gaps” where your money is being wasted.

At the bottom of this printable, we included questions that will help you identify those problem areas, and take action to change certain things in your budget. All it takes is a small step to start out on the right foot financially.

Meet the founders of Faithful with Finances:
Tony Amaradio and his wife Carin. 
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Free Budget Printable
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