I happen to have a little problem, and I’m sure many of you might share this with me…but from time to time…I give into emotional shopping!

It doesn’t matter what happened to me that day, or what is going on around me, but if I simply go inside my favorite store (cough cough Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx) I become a very happy girl.

Now I’ve heard of many women out there who don’t enjoy shopping all that much, but basically, that concept is very foreign to me! I LOVE to shop, and it makes me forget about everything else and just enjoy the beauty and fun I see all around me.

The question is, am I doing the right thing here by giving in to my desires? Probably not. Are there other ways to feel better in the world? Probably yes.

So in case any of you out there suffer from this same syndrome of emotional shopping, I thought I would help you by giving a few hints at what you can do to conquer it, and how you can stop finding emotional release in something, shall I say, hollow?

Here are 5 ways I conquer emotional shopping, I hope they will help you too!

  1. Re-Do Your Own Closet (de-clutter, organize, and display)
  2. Take up a productive and fun hobby
  3. Look through a style/fashion magazine
  4. Spend time with a girlfriend (be happy, don’t vent on her!)
  5. If you must, window shop (aka DON’T buy anything!)

There are days when you will just want to fix yourself, feel better, and move on with your life, but shopping is not always the best answer for this. Beyond working through the problems of the day, just smile and have fun with those around you. Joy and blessings can be found in every day if you just look for them!

By: Erika Pizzo


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Conquer Emotional Shopping!
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