How I’m Teaching My Kids the Value of Saving and Generosity

How I’m Teaching My Kids the Value of  Saving and Generosity

The concepts of generosity and saving are often neglected in our culture and not taught to our little ones. Once they reach their adult years, many will struggle to develop a real budget, save for anything long term, or experience

Help! I’m Broke!

Help! I’m Broke!

  Photo Credit: Now that Christmas is over, many of us are realizing the damage we did in spending … mainly over spending.  The common thread going around is, “Help! I’m Broke!” We love the gift-giving process, but in the

God As the Ultimate Giver

God As the Ultimate Giver

Have you ever thought of God as a “generous giver”? He is the ultimate example of what it means to give generously and freely to others. A popular verse we hear thrown around very often is John 3:16 … “For

Giving to God First

Many times we hear the phrase “give to God first”, yet many of us don’t realize what that actually looks like in our lives. Giving to God first ultimately means putting Him in the “#1” position to everything you earn.

Wanting More

Most of you have seen this type of commercial. The AT&T representative interviews kids and asks them simple, funny questions. What’s even funnier? Their answers! This one struck me in particular. The AT&T guy goes on to say, “Who thinks

Radical Giving

When most church-goers think about giving, the first word that typically pops into their mind is “the tithe”. This is what most people feel is their duty, and often times, they will faithfully give that 10%. Yet, we see throughout