Kick Your Bad Habits and Make New Ones

Kick Your Bad Habits and Make New Ones

What makes a bad habit? Something you’ve been doing for years that only makes your situation worse. A good habit may be hard to develop at first, but changing what you already do now will make life much easier in

When Can I Start Investing?

A lot of us begin asking questions like this when we are in our early or late 20s. We suddenly realize that the responsibility of having a job, paying expenses, and starting to save bring on thoughts of…well…what you should

Encouraging Words from a Woman of Faith

Today I want to introduce you to my mom, one of the most beautiful and selfless women I have ever met. Her wisdom is absolutely timeless, and I have come to her for so many of my questions, thoughts, and

Make Your Dollar Grow

God has specifically chosen us to be His “money managers”. By now, you’ve probably realized that we don’t own ANY of it! It’s all His! And because we are His servants, Christ expects an exceptional life from us, including the