Overcoming Money Mistakes

When I write all of these posts, I can’t help but sit back and think at times, “I can’t even follow some of these things myself”! Today I just wanted to give you some encouragement if you feel like you

Make It At Home, Save Thousands Per Year

This morning I came across a very interesting article that talked about “Ten Things Americans Waste the Most Money On”, and let me tell you, the amount spent on various products and services is astounding. What surprised me the most,

Budgeting Basics 101 – Part 2

By now, you’ve taken the steps to secure a budget sheet that is personalized to your needs, and really, you’ve completed the most important step of all so far. You now have a clear picture of where your money is

Budgeting Basics 101

Budgeting Basics 101

Knowing how to make the right budget is the first step towards financial freedom. It is so basic, yet so essential. Failing to make an effective budget will ultimately leave you dejected, tired, and unwilling to carry it out the next month.

10 Things I Never Buy New

As you know by now, on this blog, we are all about saving you money. One mistake that is often made by many consumers is the mindset, “If I can’t buy it new, I don’t want it at all.” Certain

Can Money Affect Your Marriage?

Can Money Affect Your Marriage?

I think we all know the answer to this one, money and all the baggage that it carries can cause great destruction in our marriages, and if we are not careful, it can cause the best of relationships to fall

Reduce Your Debt Faster

At some point in our lives, we typically will take on debt. Whether it is to gain a higher education, have a good mode of transportation, or even to get our family into a nice home. Debt is readily accessible

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Are you always on the hunt for that one piece that will completely re-make your style, turn you into a fashionista over-night, or simply add some pizzaz to the boring every-day get-up you normally wear to the grocery store? No need

How Do I Start Couponing?

When you have a million things to do, it can be hard to even entertain the idea of couponing, yet we all know it can save us HUGE amounts of money off our grocery bill every month. On average, a

Kick Your Bad Habits and Make New Ones

What makes a bad habit? Something you’ve been doing for years that only makes your situation worse. A good habit may be hard to develop at first, but changing what you already do now will make life much easier in

Radical Giving

When most church-goers think about giving, the first word that typically pops into their mind is “the tithe”. This is what most people feel is their duty, and often times, they will faithfully give that 10%. Yet, we see throughout

Does God Even Care about Money?

Money can be so…filthy. How could a God that is so involved in the immaterial have any concern with the filthy material? Because money says a lot about the condition of our hearts, and the way we deal with it